Type of services provided

The services that most differentiate us are concerned with:

  • Making the Balanced Scorecard more effective adjusting it in order to facilitate:
  • the connection to all stakeholders
  • effective integration with the macro processes / organizational competences
  • deploying objectives until task level, regardless of the chart
  • identifying the causes of strategy failure and not only the explanation of deviations
  • the identification of corrective actions or improvement measures
  • strategic and integrated alignment throughout the organization
  • Clarify individual responsibilities aligned by the organizational ones, for a more effective motivation and responsability.
  • Making the plan and budget oriented to organizational competences/macro processes and services.
  • Creating an integrated model of management control and continuous improvement that enables efficiency in implementing the strategy.
  • Creating a unique management system that meets the various ISO normative references, instead of the traditional integration of various systems.
  • Implementing a governance system of macroprocesses.
  • Other Services that have been delivered:
  • Definition of organisational strategy of companies and groups of companies
  • Implementation of an organisational model that stimulates innovation
  • Process architecture definition
  • Adjustment of the organisational structure for responsibilities clarification
  • Process oriented scorecard Implementation
  • Implementation of an unique management system that meets all quality standards
  • Definition of the individual objectives aligned with the organisational ones and KPI’s
  • Information systems definition aligned with processes and business strategy
  • Business plan and budget definition according to a process oriented approach
  • Roles definitions according to a process oriented approach
  • Jobs restructuring
  • Definition of an organisational knowledge management model
  • Internal communication improvement
  • Individual objectives and indicators definition
  • Training needs definition to improve processes performance
  • Definition and justification of applications to european funds
  • Specification and selection of IT solutions, as ERP´s and BPMS (Business Process Management Suites)


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