Beyond the professional training courses, SisConsult collaborates with several institutions of higher education, to ensure the teaching of the methodology.

Sisconsult is available to to collaborate with master and postgraduate courses related to Management, Human Resources, Information Systems, BPM and Quality.

Courses where Mlearn is taught regularly as a discipline.

  • Master Decisions Support Sciences, ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Master Computer Science, Portucalense, Oporto, Portugal
  • Master in Innovation, Portucalense, Oporto, Portugal
  • Master in Information Systems, UMinho, Guimarães, Portugal
  • Master in Information Systems and Marketing Intelligence, UPBS - University of Porto Business School, Oporto, Portugal
  • Post-graduation in IT Governance, IST, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Post-graduation in Services Systems and Innovation, IDEFE - Institute for Develloping and Economical, Financial and Business Studies, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Master Computer Science, UEM, Maputo

Courses where Mlearn was presented as a Seminar

  • Post graduation in Management, UCatólica, Oporto, Portugal
  • Master in Production Management, UMinho, Oporto, Portugal
  • Post graduation in Organisational Engineering, IST, Lisboa, Portugal
  • MBA, Antuérpia’s University, Antuérpia, Belgium
  • Master in Computer Science, UNova, Lisboa, Portugal
  • MBA, UCatólica, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Master in Information Systems, UEvora, Évora, Portugal
  • MBA, EGP, Oporto, Portugal
  • Graduation in Informations Systems, ULeon, Leon, Spain
  • International Management Course, KHKempen University College, Geel, Belgium
  • Graduation in Information Sciences, FLetras - Oporto´s University, Oporto, Portugal
  • Master in Computer Science, ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal
  • Graduation in Information Sciences, IPVC, Oporto, Portugal

Courses where Mlearn was present as a discipline

  • MBA, Coimbra, Portugal
  • Post graduation Management, IPAM Aveiro, Aveiro, Portugal
  • Post graduation Marketing, IPAM Porto, Oporto, Portugal
  • European MBA, Oporto´s University, Oporto, Portugal
  • Post graduation Performance Management Control, ISCTE, Lisboa, Portugal


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