Business Architects

Business Architect
  • Creates an organisational repository that concentrates HR, IT, Controlling, Quality, Projects, Risk, Organisational Knowledge Management and Innovation.
  • Allows various modelling levels, like External Context, Organisational Capabilities, Sub- Capabilities, Activities, Tasks and Processes.
  • The repository is organized by parameterizable themes.
  • Enables the creation of roles and business objects.
  • Queries are possible to be used and various types of matrixes can be developed.
  • The tool allows configuration matching with the adopted methodology.
  • Supports Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding (OLE), enabling linking documents, images and other applications to different models.
  • Database is prepared to respond to different techniques and notations (UML and IDEF)
  • Supports the following database implementation: Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ORACLE.

Collaborative environment

  • It allows several simultaneous users, connected or not to the same server, to immediate or later integration
  • Enables exchanging messages between processes
  • User friendly with high graphic standards

Business Activation

Business Activation
  • Identification of management indicators to build a management control system able to track the implementation of the organisational strategy
  • Performance Activation enables the association of measures and graphics to management indicators, in order to obtain a more detailed analysis.
  • Creation of thresholds that linked to indicators are able to obtain accurate information from measures
  • Generate reports according to users needs, like Quality manual, Procedures manual, etc.
  • Knowledge Activators enable to activate an object from the repository, linking from a document to a web page.
  • With Business Integration Activators is possible to import and export the content of a repository to XML, XMI, Microsoft Visio or Microsoft Excel.
  • Publishes repositories in the intranet, internet or in an offline distribution digital format.
  • Exports matrixes to Microsoft Excel and HTML.
  • Spotlight - creation of interactive slideshows, possible to be recorded in a Microsoft Power Point presentation.
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