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Part I. Strategic Reference Model (Ought to Be)

Part II. Model to Implement (To Be)

    MII1. Modeling and improvement of a task
    MII2. Scenarios and processes design
    MII3. Planning Model
    MII4. Human Resources
    MII5. Information Systems
    MII6. Operational risk
    MII7. Knowledge Management
    MII8. Continuous Improvement Model and Strategy Control
Part III. Additional documents

    MIII1. Ontology
    MIII2. Poster
    MIII3. Papers on specific topics
    MIII4. Cases

The methodology is structured in three parts:

  • Strategic reference model (Ought To Be)
  • Model to implement (To Be)
  • Additional documents

In each part there are several documents that explain the exercises to do. They're present below.

The Part I documents must be acquired sequentially. The Part II and III documents can be purchased separately since all the Part I documents were purchased.

The acquisition of each document offers the possibility to ask questions about its contents.

The acquisition of all documents is entitled to apply for the MLearn community.

MI1. Introduction to MLearn Methodology7.9 MB


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