Case study: Jordão Cooling Systems Transformation and new management model

This white paper will explain the Jordão Cooling Systems case study. It is a SME with 170 employees that implemented a six months’ transformation process based on the implementation of a new management model, following the organizational innovation methodology Mlearn.

The main concepts of this approach are explained initially and through the presentation of the case study. The approach is structured in terms of a holistic and system oriented organizational architecture composed of organizational competences. Each organizational competence is associated to a cost center and a virtual team that is self-directed under a specific governance model. The whole organizational modeling and strategic objectives deployment are conducted, independently of the chart, through workshops involving the board, the senior directors and managers, where it is forbidden to discuss who and how things are done. Only it is allowed to discuss what the organization should be able to do, to respond to external and internal stimuli. In a second stage, people are assigned to each organizational competence at level 1, 2, …, n of the organizational architecture.

The three dimension view of the organization helps to define the governance system and to define and decompose the objectives and indicators independently of the chart of the organization. In a second stage the responsibilities are defined and the goals negoctiated. The operational business processes are only useful if you need to improve efficiency, efectiveness, flexibility, compliance including automatization.

This organizational architecture contributes to clarify the business strategy, to align the operational business processes, the objectives, the people assessment system, the information systems, the cost system, the operational risks and the training needs, for instance.

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