IT Governance and Management services ( IT-CMF)

A Holistic, Business-Led Approach for Generation of IT-enabled agility, innovation and value​

As authorized provider services of IVI – Innovation Value Services, Ltd, Ireland, we provide:

IT Executive assessment (IT-CMF)

Assess your capability and benchmark against your peers​

IT Effectiveness Assessment

  • Transform your IT function from a cost centre to a value centre with our assessment specifically created to evaluate your organization’s IT Effectiveness.


CIOs, IT professionals and business leaders struggle to validate IT effectiveness.

Why? Because IT can no longer be seen as a back-office function – organisations need to provide tangible and logical evidence of IT effectiveness in relation to function and value management.

Our IT Effectiveness Assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organisations understand the effectiveness of their IT capability to enable IT transformation from a cost centre to a value centre.

For the first time, organizations can have a holistic view of their IT effectiveness, with clear and accurate recommendations for a programme of improvement.

Data Protection Assessment

  • Our Data Protection assessment has been specifically created to help organizations quickly understand their current data risks and exposures.


EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is set to become law at the latest May 25th 2018. Countries may adopt GDPR into law before this date, making compliance an urgent priority for organizations operating within them.

Organizations need to ensure that they have the capabilities, resources, skills and comprehensive understanding of consumer data protection governance to mitigate against threats to data security and a potential data breach.

How do CIOs ensure they are making the best recommendations while ensuring they’re compliant?

Where data is managed by a third party vendor, how do you ensure your vendors are compliant?

Our EU GDPR Readiness Assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organizations understand their current data risks and exposures in time for EU GDPR legislation.

Digital Readiness Assessment

  • Quickly help organisations to understand their business’ readiness for digital transformation given their current IT infrastructure and technology.


Organizations need to enable digital transformation to remain competitive and meet consumer and customer demands

However, they are often unsure of where to start, what is involved and how transformation will affect their business. Is digital readiness a priority in your industry?  Where do you focus? And what are the appropriate technologies?

Organizations now look to senior IT Leaders to be steer discussions and provide a roadmap of improvement to the business, but do you know where to start and what the impact will be?

Our Digital Readiness Assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organisations understand their readiness for digital transformation given their current IT infrastructure and technology.

Organizations can have a holistic view of how they perform against critical capabilities that underpin Digital Transformation, leading to a clear set of prioritised recommendations and remedial improvement plans to achieve your organization’s digital objectives.

Cloud Adoption Assessment

  • Our Cloud Adoption assessment helps an organization understand their ability to adopt and manage a cloud environment.


Operating whole or part of the business from the Cloud is not new to the IT industry

However, uncertainty remains around Cloud technology adoption, creating a sense of inertia for organizations where they are immobilised due to lack of knowledge about the best solution for their business. As many see moving to the Cloud as a step towards remaining competitive, organizations need to decide on the appropriate Cloud strategy, and also the task of communicating the value and potential benefits.

How do we de-bug the uncertainty that remains around Cloud technology adoption?

How do we support senior IT professionals in choosing the most appropriate Cloud strategy for their organization and migrating to the target model?

Our Cloud Adoption Assessment has been specifically created to quickly help organizations understand their readiness for migration to the Cloud given their current infrastructure and technology.

For the first time, organizations can have a holistic view of how ready they are for migrating to the Cloud, with full comprehension of cloud computing benefits and risks, leading to a clear set of prioritised recommendations and remedial improvement plans ready to share with the business ahead of migrating to the Cloud.

What makes the Cloud Adoption Assessment different from other assessments?

The Cloud Adoption Assessment is underpinned by a global and independent methodology; the IT-CMF.

It creates an integrated, standardised methodology for aligning IT and business investment decisions strategically at the corporate level.

Leveraging the power of existing best practices, the assessment has been tested and proven by companies such as The Boston Consulting Group, British Petroleum (BP), EY and BNY Mellon.

Critical Capability Assessment

  • Critical Capability Assessments provide a forensic ‘deep dive’ into an individual capability for example, Enterprise Architecture. A number of Critical Capability assessments can be carried out together in a cluster to address particular business needs


Critical Capability Assessment

The Critical Capability (CC) Assessment provides an in-depth deep dive of an individual Critical Capability.

It assesses overall current and target maturity at the detailed level of the Capability Building Blocks (CBBs), and offers detailed specific recommendations for improvements in practices.

The CC Assessment includes an online maturity survey, individual interviews, analysis of current policies & practices, root cause analysis, defined actions to improve maturity (at the practice level), identification of the potential value delivered.

This assessment helps to identify:

  • Practice improvements required to achieve target maturity for priority CBBs
  • Interdependence of the CC in question with other related CCs as defined in the IT-CMF
  • A comprehensive improvement roadmap

The CC assessment process:

  1. Assessment kick-off meeting
  2. Online survey
  3. Follow-up participant interviews
  4. Independent assessor validation of survey scores
  5. Analysis of quantitative and qualitative results
  6. Recommendations for changes in targeted practices
  7. Final report with improvement roadmap

Service Management Capability Assessment

  • The Service Management Capability Assessment (SMCA) shows organizational service management maturity, aligned to the business. Using ISO 20000 categories and processes, the SMCA provides improvement recommendations linked to IT-CMF Critical Capabilities. It can be used to give a broad view of ITIL maturity.


Service Management Capability Assessment (SMCA)

Service management is well served with frameworks and standards such as ITIL® and ISO/IEC 20000 that inform and guides process definition very well.

However, the real need for C-Level executives is the ability to effectively assess and manage capability.

The Service Management Capability Assessment (SMCA) is a unique diagnostic tool that enables an organization’s leadership to target specific capability that require attention.

The SMCA results are in turn link to the IT Capability maturity Framework (IT-CMF™).

This will give the organization a clear view of the maturity profiles of their critical capabilities, and provide the necessary guidance on how to improve critical IT related capabilities in order to deliver increased value of their IT in terms of organizational performance.

If IT service delivery and management is a key cost and capability within your organization the SMCA is a unique and cost effective diagnostic tool that:

  • Focuses on the management of IT Service and operational capabilities
  • Enables organizations to review total Service Management functions in the context of delivering business value
  • Delivers a maturity based capability profile across all aspects of the organization’s Service Management
  • Is based on the international standard, ISO/IEC 20000-1:2011 and is integrated with 2011 ITIL , enabling organizations to improve strategies with existing ‘adopt and adapt’ initiatives and processes
  • Links directly to the IT Capability Maturity Framework (IT-CMF)
  • Guides management to prioritize investment for business value 

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Some examples of the outputs of the assessment:

IT Capability Improvement Program (IT-CIP)

A flexible organizational change methodology and tool-set designed to facilitate the implementation of IT-CMF


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